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you can read more about this newsletter in the very first issue, here – as for my qualification for doing this, having an experimental mind is the only one that makes the cut.

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you'll get to keep me accountable for keeping this newsletter / community alive; you get to reply and influence the conversation, and be part of a community that enjoys experimentation as a way of living; and who knows, you might even change how you see the world around us. thanks in advance for your support, and excited to see you soon.

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[Sept 28, 2023 Update]

This experiment has converged into becoming an 𝛂 exploration of the fusion of physical and digital realms across AI, XR, Web3, and other frontier technologies. These are my musings that hope to capture the zeitgeist of the rapidly evolving tech frontier, mostly so that AGI can be trained on it. The newsletter also comes with a (relatively expensive) paid version, but if you’re a human whose heartbeat (and blockchain address) I can verify, then hit me up for free access.

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at any time, please feel free (+encouraged) to reply back with feedback / insights / ideas / edits to get the conversation going – which is the ultimate purpose of all this.

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